A Guide To Baby Vaccines

baby and mother sitting with a nurse

One of the best ways to prevent your baby from getting sick is to avail of the vaccination program. But when it comes to vaccines, there is a lot of information out there for mothers to have to wade through. In this blog post we will be creating a clear and concise explanation on baby vaccinations and what you can come to expect as a new mother taking baby for its first injections.


So why do we need vaccines? Well, this question is easily answered by saying the following; vaccination offers your child protection against certain diseases which can cause serious illness. For example the vaccine against whooping cough helps to protect young babies from an illness which can be fatal. Of course, it goes without saying that no mother wants to see their baby or child in pain, but these injections are the best way to help protect your child from illness. The antibodies that are produced by the immune system as a result of the vaccination will help your child fight off potential infections. We are very blessed here in Ireland that these vaccinations are available to every child for free! 


When your child has their vaccine, they may be upset. For older children a little treat after their injection may help help them to feel better, but for babies giving them a feed after the vaccine may help to ease pains and irritation. In terms of possible side effects, it is quite common for the injection site to be red, slightly swollen and there may be a small lump. Don't be alarmed if your child is a bit out of sorts this is completely normal. It may also be the case that your child may develop a mild fever, these things are part and parcel of vaccinations and are not something to panic about! Your little one should be back to themselves in no time! 


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