Activities To Do With Your Baby In Warm Weather


baby lying down on sand

There's nothing in the world like Ireland when it's sunny, a bit of warm weather makes people feel happy and uplifted! For those Mams with babies it's an interesting time, you want to have fun with your baby whilst also keeping them safe.

If your baby is less than six months old they should avoid direct sunlight if at all possible. The skin of a baby provides very little natural protection from the sun and so it's very dangerous for a baby to be in direct sunlight. The same applies to older babies and while they do have slightly more protection in their skin, they still should not be out in the sun for very long.

The number one activity for warm weather has got to be water play. There are so many different ways that you can use water to engage with your baby and keep them cool. Playing with ice is a wonderful sensory experience for baby, you can use different shapes for the ice which allows them to experience different shapes and they can practice picking up the ice cubes in their hand and get to feel the cold sensation. Filling a small paddling pool with a couple of centimetres will give baby the opportunity to splash around and have fun. You can also fill a ziploc bag with water and tape it to the floor, this will give baby something new to focus on during tummy time. Of course bubbles are also a great go to, most babies love bubbles and will keep them entertained for ages! 

If you feel like getting out and about, there are plenty of activities to do in warm weather that you can do out of the house/garden. Why not head to your local swimming pool, it's a great introduction to swimming for your baby. Swimming is a skill that every child should learn so it's brilliant to get them used to the water from an early age. Alternatively, you could take a trip to the beach! Not only is their water to play and splash around in, but there is also sand which can be a new and fun sensory experience for baby. 

Now it may be the case that you want to avoid baby getting wet and that's okay too! There are still plenty of activities that don't use or require water. An early morning or evening trip to the park is a great way to get some fresh air and have a go on the swings if your baby is big enough! You cold also try an indoor soft play centre, it will give baby some new things to play with and will also hopefully be cooler than outside! 

Hopefully everyone is enjoying this warm weather that we are having at the moment. Long may it last! 

baby playing in soft play

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