Getting Your Baby Started With Tummy Time

baby taking part in tummy time with toy in front of them


Tummy time, it's a phrase that most people have heard of before, but what exactly does it mean? So simply put, tummy time is all about the time that baby spends lying on its tummy. 


Babies spend a lot of time lying on their back, it is the safest position that a baby can be in and so therefore it's the position that they naturally spend most of their time in. This means that spending time on it's tummy is absolutely crucial for a baby's development. It helps them to safely strengthen the muscles in their neck, back and their head. The most important thing when it comes to safely executing tummy time with a baby is supervision! Supervision is key. 


When getting started with tummy time, make sure your baby doesn't need to be fed and has a clean nappy. At the beginning baby may not enjoy their tummy time, but don't worry! It's a whole new experience and something that they haven't done before, so naturally they may be a bit unsure at first. But the key to this is to show baby that this is a good experience and not something to be feared through reassuring them and encouraging them. 


Place your baby on a flat, firm surface with their hands out at either side of them to support themselves. Make sure to never leave your baby unattended while doing tummy time and if they start to get tired or start falling asleep make sure to turn them onto their back. As your baby starts to get more confident and stronger, you can encourage them to look around themselves by placing things in front of them like rattles, toys, mirrors, etc.


And so there you have it, introducing tummy time with your baby is a crucial part of their development. Don't get frustrated if baby isn't enjoying it at the beginning, focus on short bursts of tummy time with plenty of encouragement and praise. Don't compare your baby to others, every baby is different! Most importantly, ensure that your baby is never unsupervised during tummy time! I know that I mentioned this already in this blog post but I just wanted to reiterate the importance of supervising baby during this time, to ensure their safety.


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