How To Bathe Your Baby - Blogmas Day Three

How To Bathe Your Baby - Blogmas Day Three

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Welcome back to Blogmas day three! In today's post we will be sharing some tips for bathing your baby for the first time. Bath time can be a great way to bond with your baby and some babies find their time in the bath to be relaxing and soothing! 

First things first, get everything that you're going to need organised and ready. You want to enter into this process feeling prepared and not feeling around for something halfway through bath-time and getting stressed out. Lay out the towel for baby, a clean nappy, some clothes and a baby bath/basin whichever you are going to use for bath-time. You do not need to use soap, shampoo or any other products when your baby is under a month old. Plain water is perfectly fine to use for such a young baby and is much safer for them.


Next, make sure that the room which you will be bathing baby in is nice and warm. Babies can get cold very quickly so it's important to make sure the room is the right temperature. Similarly to this, it is absolutely vital to make sure that the temperature of the bath water is the correct temperature. Having the water too cold will lead to an uncomfortable experience for baby, and having the water too hot can burn your child's skin. Use your elbow to check the temperature of the water because your hands are not sensitive enough to detect the temperature. Make sure to mix the water to ensure that there are no hot spots. The temperature should be in and around 36 degrees Celsius, but it is crucial that you check it with your elbow! The water level should be just enough to cover baby's tummy and baby's head should always be clear of the water.


Wash your baby's head and face before placing them gently into their bath, being careful to support them with your arm. The most vital thing is to never ever leave your baby alone in the bath, not even for a second. If you need to leave unexpectedly, bring your baby with you. It is never worth taking a risk, adult supervision is needed at all times when it comes to babies in the bath.


When bath-time is over take care removing your baby from the bath, they will be slippery from the water. After placing them in their towel, pat them dry making sure not to forget their skin folds and creases. Remember to always empty the bath/basin when you're finished with it! 


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